Bernina Software Classes

Bernina Software Classes will be offered at Lilies of the Field.  The cost is $15.00 for students who purchases their software and machines at Lilies or $ 30 for students who purchased from other stores.   Students are expected to come to class with the Software 7 loaded onto their computers.   Students who do not have the software loaded will be allowed to observe the class without a hands on experience. 

Software 7 - Letterning Basics

Wed. May 28th
From 10-12

Add embroidery lettering to designs quickly and easily, Place lettering on a straight, horizontal, or vertical baseline, curve it around a circle or arc, or digitize your own baselines. You can apply formatting to lettering objects in the same way as a word processor, including italics, bolding, and right/left justification. Letter, word and line spacings can be determined before or after creating lettering objects and placing them in your design.

 Bring your computer with Software 7 installed. Please print  the Reference manual, chapter 28. from pages 248—255. and bring to class!

 Class Fee $15.00