Bernina Software Classes

Fri. April 25th

10:00 to 12:00

Introduction to Embroidery Software

This class is excellent for all embroidery machine owners. Students will review the basic concepts of software for all levels. Please request the My Bernina Workbook on Software to print and bring to class.

   Topics that will be taught include:

  • · Print window
  • · Sending a design to the machine
  • · Open and View designs
  •   Modify designs

 Class Fee $15.

Software 7 - Letterning Basics

Wed. May 28th
From 10-1

Add embroidery lettering to designs quickly and easily, Place lettering on a straight, horizontal, or vertical baseline, curve it around a circle or arc, or digitize your own baselines. You can apply formatting to lettering objects in the same way as a word processor, including italics, bolding, and right/left justification. Letter, word and line spacings can be determined before or after creating lettering objects and placing them in your design.

Bring your computer with Software 7 installed. Please print  the Reference manual, chapter 28. from pages 248—255. and bring to class!

Class Fee $15.00